Filmed sodium hypochlorite solution and 5pieces of nonwoven fabrics are packed together. (with 0.1w/v% of Sodium Hypochlorite 1,000 ppm Wipes)


  • Just break the sealed sodium hypochlorite solution, impregnate the nonwoven faburics and open the packing to be used.
  • The concentration has been fixed and no other preparations are needed.
  • High barrier packing films are used, hence the concentration can be maintained for 2 years.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite solution are packed by a seal and also an outer packing, minimizing the leaking problems.


【How to use】

・Break the sealed sodium hypochlorite solution, impregnate the nonwoven fabrics evenly.

・Open the packet and take out the impregnated nonwoven faburics.


【Intended use】

・To clean and saterilize tables, door knob, bed surroundingas and etc.

・To clean and sanitilize places that are contaminated.



・Please keep out reach of children.

・Please do not use for other purposes other than the mentioned ones.

・Please avoid the solution from entering the eye.

・It maight cause the cloths colors to fade.

・Please do not use it on other containers.

・Please break the seal before opening the package

・Please put on rubber gloves in using.

・Please avoid direct sunlight and store it in a clean place.

・This product might corrode some metals.

・Please stop using immediately if a discomfort occurs.

・Please flush only 1 or 2 pieces at a time.

・Please do not press on the sealed sodium hypochlorite solution.

・Please stop using if there is a leakage.