Elepha Wiper E is an absorbent cotton pad (4cm x 8cm, 2 folded) saturated with 80vol% Ethyl Alcohol and then individually wrapped in a sachet.


1.Individual wrapping keeps alcohol wipe clean till opening the sachet.

2.Individual wrapping prevents alcohol from evaporating.

3.Individual wrapping saves labor cost to arrange alcohol wipes.

4.Individual wrapping prevent patient and medical profession from hospital infection.


Quickly after opening a sachet, clean intended site with pad thoroughly.

Discard it after single use.

[Ingredients & dosage per sachet]

Medical Grade Absorbent Cotton; 4cm x 8cm 1 piece, folded, 0.35g

Ethyl Alcohol per Japanese Pharmacopoeia; 76.9~81.4vol% 1.75mL