Hakuzo G Swab 0.1 comprises 2 pieces of absorbent cotton pad impregnated with 0.1% chlorthexidine gluconate, wrapped in a sachet.



  • Chlorhexidine gluconate is usable for patient with alcohol hypersensitivity.
  • Because of 2pcs in sachet, it’s convenient to disinfect several sites.
  • It’s sterilized by high pressure autoclave, and can be usable hygienically after opening a sachet.


【Ingredients & dosage per sachet】

0.1% chlorhexidine gluconate 1.6mL

Medical absorbent cotton (4cm X 4cm 2pcs) 0.32g



Cleaning and disinfection of hands and skin


【How to use】

Opening a sachet, and wipe hands and skin several times a day

※Please don’t use it on site of injury or mucous membrane.